Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Many of You Got It? ///and other stuff///

OK. First part of the title applies to two things.

One: How many of you got Death Bringer yet? I didn't. My mum said she would order it on Amazon UK for me, so I have to remind her of that.

Two: How do you lot pronounce my name?. I've been meaning to ask this for a while now. According at least to how people at my school say it, there's a lot of ways to say "Thalia". No matter the "right" way, I have a certain way I pronounce it. I'm not saying "Change how you say it in your head. Now." because that's your way and what works for you~. I just want to see if anyone (besides Mar and Mir, because I've told them this countless numbers of time) pronounces it the same way I do.

So, first, other ways I've heard it said. By the by, the 'uh''s in my pronunciations are pronouced like the 'a' in 'a cat', but I didn't want to type 'a' in case some of you pronounce your single 'a''s like 'aye'. Anyway, here:

- Thal-ee-uh
- Th-all-ee-uh
- Tha-lay-uh

And, now, here's how I say it:

- Tha-lee-uh

I'm doing this out of pure curiosity. How many of you pronouced my name the way I do it? And how many of you do it the other ways I listed? Or some other way?

And now, other stuff, because I've realized some of my posts on here are ridiculously short.



I feel like I could take a nap right now. But at the same time not. I'm at a loss for what to do. I've already done my chores and my only homework, so I'm completely confused. I'll probably end up wandering around the house with a completely bewildered look on my face, but that might worry my parents......


Over the past few days, I've notice that I'm really hyper in science class. I don't even know WHY. Maybe because my teacher is just awesome. Maybe because I love the topic. Maybe it's just pent-up energy. Maybe all three. I DON'T KNOW.

But apparently, yesterday was Happy Tues. Tues. Today was Happy Wen. Wen. Tomorrow is Happy Thur. Thur.

Oh, one last thing. I'm slightly re-doing my OC's bio. Again. I just wasn't satisfied. Sorry all, but I think Mar is the only one who's put her in a story that described her....? Anyway. That is all.


  1. I pronounce Thalia just the way you do!

    And I have Death Bringer! I finished it 5 hours 16 minutes ago. It's a master piece.

  2. Yaaaayyy~~~~

    Lucky. I am seething quietly in my corner.

  3. Um...Yes! I prono unce the name like you do Thalia! *looks about shiftily and gives a little nervouse laugh*
    Really though, no matter how it's pronounced, it's a beautiful name!

    I am hoping to order DB tomorrow! :D
    I'll let you know if I did it.

    Aboyt your oc Thalai, if I had been on time with all m y fanfic, your oc and someof your other ones would have been in it by now. Sadly I am behind on everthing.
    But I love your oc and I know she will be perfect no matter how you change her.

    *hugs Thalia and sits with her in her corner*

  4. LOL

    Awesome! I have yet to order mine. But Mar said that if I don't have my copy ordered by the time she gets and finishes hers, then I can borrow her copy.

    Thank you, Kallista. That's really kind of you, and I'm honored that you would include my OC in your fanfiction.


    I'm not changing much. Just her hair color. And I'm adding more detail to her history and whatnot.

  5. Wait, so is it like Thay-lee-uh or Thah-lee-uh. I'm kind of slow with these things OTL.