Friday, July 22, 2011


Turns out my part in the packing frenzy was smaller and quicker than I expected it to be.

All I have left to do is decide which books I'm going to lug up to Canada with me this year.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hunger Games Quote

"It takes ten times as long toput yourself back together as it does to fall apart" - Finnick Odair, Mockingjay

Saturday, July 16, 2011

When boredom strikes, turn to Google

I have utterly NOTHING to do today. I've already checked the blog, my email, and brainlessly watched videos on Youtube. So I turned to the all-knowing God Google for help. I randomly got the urge to search "Thalia Jane Circe", than every other person I knew. So here you have it, every single follower of this blogs Google result numbers. (even though some of the results have nothing to do with our blogger names)

Thalia- About 399,000 results
(0.18 seconds) 

March- About 21,500,000 results
(0.18 seconds) 

Everisse- About 294 results
(0.30 seconds) 

Pyrofilea- 6 results
(0.21 seconds) 

Ann- About 16,600,000 results
(0.16 seconds) 

Octaboona- About 914 results
(0.39 seconds) 

Nymph- About 5,240,000 results
(0.17 seconds) 

Kallista- About 210,000 results
(0.83 seconds) 

Ayesha- About 19,300,000 results
  (0.19 seconds) 

Mirtil- About 3,280 results
(0.11 seconds)

A Post About Stuff

Okay. I woke up about 50 minutes ago and found out it was noon. Which irks me because:

a) That means I slept for 12 whole hours, and I hate sleeping for long periods of time.

b) I only have twelve hours left in my day, and only if I stay up 'til midnight again.

It's irritating. But I'll get over it.

Okay, uhhhh....OH YEAH! I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two yesterday! It was so awesome~. I'm not going to give anything away in case anyone hasn't seen it yet, but I cried a lot :P Very sad, but very good.

And now it's all over. The books, the movies....everything. I'd be lying if I said that that wasn't part of the reason I cried. I've grown up with Harry Potter and now.....well, such a big part of my childhood has come to an end. So...

To J.K. Rowling -

Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful adventure. I loved every moment of it. Every word in the books and every scene in the movies was such a treasure. Starting today, I'm going to re-read all the books. And when I'm done with that, I'm going to re-watch all the movies. So I guess this isn't really goodbye, then. 'Cause I'm always going to be able to go back and re-live the adventure :D

I swear, when I'm an adult, I'm going to make my kid(s) read these books. IT WILL NOT BE AN OPTION. IT'S A REQUIREMENT.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I, March Pathway, do so believe, that I am the first to post something, on this blog, from on top of a mountain., I just looked around, and there was a chipmunk right next to me.

Like, three inches close.

We took lots of pictures.

When I get back, I will show you all. Because it was freakin CUTE!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


It's, like, 10:25 a.m. and I'm already bored. I've already gotten up, eaten breakfast, checked my email and blogger, checked dA, put away laundry, brushed my hair, written, played with the cats, drawn, listened to music, watched TV, put away my shoes, and read.

What do I do the rest of the day?

Friday, July 8, 2011

You know...

...I was thinking, that what will blogland be like in five years? Or ten years from now? What will all of your lives be like?

Maybe we will have met each other in person. Or, maybe we've had all walked away from this strange little place tucked away in the webernet, and the blogs are just a small memory.

What about in twenty years? Will one day, maybe so many miles from where you first discovered blogland, you'll come back, and scroll through all the comments, posts, stories and pictures, and post another comment, one more, a feeble attempt to see if anyone was still there.


And maybe someone will see that later, may it be a few hours, or a few months.

But what if you forget all about blogland, until many, many years later, when you are older then you thought you would have lived, and smile as you remember everything that you did.

But if you DO remember, be sure to remember me. Because I rock. And the soundtrack I'm listening to just switches from a sad song to a action song. Ah, modern literature.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Went To Camp Dressed As Skulduggery Pleasant

I didn't do a very good job, though. It was super hot today and I was in a rush, so I just threw on black shorts, a white t-shirt, my suit jacket, and my fedora. I plan to do better for Halloween this year :P

But it was fun, though. My friend Ariah dressed up as Valkyrie. The lady in charge of the camp took a picture of us, and Ariah did a finger gun at my head. I didn't notice until AFTER the picture was taken, and then I was all "ROOOOOAAAARRRR, VALKYRIE DOESN'T HAVE A GUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!". So then I made the lady take another picture, where we were both making finger guns at each other's heads.

Later, we went and danced the Cha Cha Slide at the boy's camp football game, and I had taken my hat off, and Ariah TOOK IT. So right before we went onto the field to dance, I chased Ariah around barefoot screaming "GIMME MY HAT, WOMAN. GIMME THE FREAKING HAT!" And then I got the hat and I spazzed around as we danced :D The End.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hetalia wishes you a happy Birth Day America!

For All of my fellow Hetalia Fans~

O! Say Can You See? By The Dawn’s Early Light....

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Have fun, smile, and set off explosives!

Over all, I think my day was okay.

Our internet got fixed. I helped put painters tape down on the porch. Then we went to the pool for 3 or so hours. Then we came home and I worked some more on the porch. Then we had dinner. Then we played with sparklers. The end.

I'm trying to remember some funny conversation I had with someone, but I am failing miserably. I'll edit this when and if I ever remember....

EDIT: I remember now! But, first, the porch is done and it looks awesome! I'll upload pictures tomorrow. Anyway, Rupert (my brother), Rupert's friend (who we will call Z), and I were having a conversation about Uganda, because Z thought I said 'Uganda' when I said 'gondola'. Then Z was like "Hey, if you go to Antarctica, couldn't you just establish your own country?" And then everything went downhill from there. But now if I ever go to Antarctica, I'll make my own country.

And it'll be called "The-Place-Thalia-Went-Because-No-Other-Continent-Let-Her-Make-Her-Country-There-Land."

Be sure to visit.

We have penguins.

In The American Spirit

Today is just so full of celebratoryness. Everyone is so obsessed with being as American as they can be. My Mother insisted that we go out and plant red, white, and blue flowers in our garden because the garden is a wreck anyway. My neighbors are having a gigantic party right next door, and I can hear the music from it through my headphones. Even my cat is trying to celebrate by using his hairballs as fireworks.... And yet, I'd rather sit down, eat a bowl of pasta, and go right back to bed. I have a good reason to want to sleep this holiday out, I have to go to camp tomorrow, where I will face various annoying people who curse for no reason, and like to pick fights. I'll stay up until I get to set off many minor explosive devices, than it's onward to dreamy hill form me.



Title self-explanitory.

Can you guess the rest?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Be Happy Again.

Once more I find myself cornered by boredom. So instead of smiling, why don't we try laughing?



You now have 13 seconds to give me something to write about!



Quick! Put it in the comments below! GIVE ME YOUR IDEA! I NEED INSPIRATION!

-Miss Mar

It's So Interesting.


I'm angry because James Patterson already dominated the winged-child writing technique with Maximum Ride.


It's just so...interesting, and you want to hear more, and write more, and see more of their cool covers.

When I have a book, I want mine to have cool covers.


God, I hate it. I write something, or create a character, and I'm satisfied for, like, a day. Two at most. But then I see things I can improve, get rid of, add, when I've already shared it and announced it final. Like my OC. There's a lot I want to change with her. But I've already edited her once, I don't want to do so again because I'd be seriously changing nearly everything. I could make a new character, but then I'd feel guilty because I'd probably end up using that character more than my OC and........


I am a wreck right now, approach with caution.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

One of Those Days...

Today was just one of those days, where you wake up feeling like a zombie, and so groggy that you just want to curl up under your covers and go back to sleep. For some reason nothing seems to be amusing, and the sky outside is overcast with heavy gray clouds that make it look like it's going to rain. All in all, the world just seems to be one big blob of nothingness. Because of this depressing mood, I was not able to go outside and do my daily round of pull-ups on the monkey bars. I curse my boring fate.

Just Wondering...

I was just thinking..., does anyone else see a certain letter or number and think of a certain color? Maybe it's just me, but I always think of three as orange, or eight as purple, or nine as hot pink. Please tell me I'm not crazy, and that this is normal. (But than again, I'm not what most people would call normal.) Also, is anyone really craving poptarts right now?

Friday, July 1, 2011


Kallista, Ann, and I had an adventure in Wonderland. Enjoy, and pray that you keep your brains, for they may explode because of the awesomeness.

You can find the original here on Derek's blog:

Thalia: *wanders randomly through Blogland*

*trips and goes tumbling back down the rabbit hole*

Wonderland, here I come!
Thalia: *continues to tumble down for quite a while*

*head is hit by a rock someone kicked down the rabbit hole*

*shakes fist*


*crashes onto a soft mound of earth and grass*

*realizes she has been changed from her PJ's into a frilly Gothic Lolita dress*

Oh jeez.
Kallista: *lurks in the shadows and eyes Thalia crazily dressed as the mad hatter*
Thalia: *gets up and brushes off her dress, then starts down the random hallway in front of her*

We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz...

*comes to a small circular room lined with doors*

*tries and fails to open all the locked doors*

*finds a key on a small, glass table*


*tries the key in all the doors, but they don't open*

Hm. Wait...

*finds a small, hidden door, about 15 inches high*

*tries the key*

Ah-ha! It works!

*feels like she is being watched*

*glances around*


Now, how to get through the door....
Thalia: *looks at the glass table again*

*finds a small bottle labeled "Drink Me"*

Well. It doesn't have ridges on the sides, so it's not poison. I might as well. But I've read this story.

*pockets the key*

No giant-making cake for me.

*drinks the contents of the bottle*
Thalia: *nothing happens*


Wait, aren't I supposed to, y'know, SHRINK!?


*sits cross legged on the ground*

*room randomly floods with water*

Oh, yes, very classy.

*swims with the current*
Thalia: *comes out at the edge of a forest, somehow still dry*

*finds herself surround by dinosaurs*

*turns and bows to the T-Rex*

Me: Hello good sir. Would you mind telling me where I am?

T.R.: If you participate in a Dinosaur Race, I will.

Me: Bring it.

*Thalia and all the dinosaurs line up and begin running around in circles, screaming and flailing their limbs*
Thalia: *holds out hand to Kallista and grins*

Would you like to join my adventures?
Kallista: Why Sure!

*grins and goes to take Thalia's hands*

*slips on a banana peel and shoots right past her, screaming crazily*

*stops abruptly as she crashes spread eagle against the wall*
Thalia: ....

*peals Kallista off the wall*

*has her join the Dinosaur Race*
Kallista: *screams crazily as she gets trampled by the dinos*

*jumps back up and chases then around in circles while shaking her fist angrily in the air*
Thalia: *abruptly stops running*

*turns to the T-Rex*

Me: Now, tell us where we are.

T.R.: Well, about that....

*dinosaurs try to eat Kallista and I*

Me: *screams like a little girl*


*grabs Kallista and runs away crazily*
Ann: *comes across random rabbit hole*

*tosses pebbles into it*

*listens closely for echo*

*hears... screaming... and roaring?*
Thalia: *screams as pebbles hit her in the head*

Kallista: *flips Thalia on her back and runs like the dickens away from the roaring beasts*

*grabs her trusty banana gun and fires rapid shots behind her as she goes*

*disgards the empty banana skins and races on*

*smiles as she hears the angry roars of the dino's as they loose thier footing from the banan peels*

Thalia: *laughs crazily at the sound of falling dinos*

Now! To find the Cheshire Cat and the March Hare!


Okay, so I was at a hardware store earlier with my mum, and I went over to look at paint swatches (is that how it's spelled?). I found this very nice purple color (that went amazingly well with a deep red, by the way) and guess what it was called.

Poetic Purple.

Does that remind you of anyone...? Perhaps....a certain purple poet?

This message was brought to you by Thalia's one thousand and seven bug bites.