Monday, July 4, 2011

O! Say Can You See? By The Dawn’s Early Light....

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Have fun, smile, and set off explosives!

Over all, I think my day was okay.

Our internet got fixed. I helped put painters tape down on the porch. Then we went to the pool for 3 or so hours. Then we came home and I worked some more on the porch. Then we had dinner. Then we played with sparklers. The end.

I'm trying to remember some funny conversation I had with someone, but I am failing miserably. I'll edit this when and if I ever remember....

EDIT: I remember now! But, first, the porch is done and it looks awesome! I'll upload pictures tomorrow. Anyway, Rupert (my brother), Rupert's friend (who we will call Z), and I were having a conversation about Uganda, because Z thought I said 'Uganda' when I said 'gondola'. Then Z was like "Hey, if you go to Antarctica, couldn't you just establish your own country?" And then everything went downhill from there. But now if I ever go to Antarctica, I'll make my own country.

And it'll be called "The-Place-Thalia-Went-Because-No-Other-Continent-Let-Her-Make-Her-Country-There-Land."

Be sure to visit.

We have penguins.


  1. *huggles penguin*

    Mir: Honestly, as long as you have a coat, this place isn't half bad

    Penguin: Quack! (Translation: You should see it later on this year, the sky lights are wonderful~)

  2. But don't you already have a country thing?

    Thalia's territory?

    *looks back to story*

    Oh yeah, you already blew up the land part of that... My bad. :D

  3. *hugs another penguin*


    I now have TWO countries~

    (Draw a circle, there's the Earth! Draw a circle, there's the Earth! Draw a circle, there's the Earth! I am The-Place-Thalia-Went-Because-No-Other-Continent-Let-Her-Make-Her-Country-There-Land!)