Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Candy Stealing Day Everyone!

Good All Hallows Eve to you all, this is Mir! I'm about to embark on a quest to collect sweet stuffs and to scare the living daylights out of anything in range. :D I'm veeerrrryyyy curious as to what everyone is being for Halloween this year. As for me, I'm going as her:

It's Belarus from Hetalia!
Aanndd... A full body shot.

She likes to stalk her brother, and is kinda blood thirsty. She fits me perfectly! (But I don't have an older brother to stalk, so I just make it up by putting small creepy drawings in Thal's locker. XD ) Ahh.., yes, and one more thing.

                                                                  (Carved by my Mother.)

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Time Management of Mar

I've followed Thalia's lead and have taken this advantage to use our wonderful blog, instead of a glog.

(The following is for the Enrichment Science online course I'm taking as well)

The past month has been comprised of lots of reminders written on hands, frantic booting up of computers, and always having the date somewhere nearby. Quite frankly, I'm proud of myself for not slacking in this and completely forgetting about it.

(And I may have associated Ianto Jones as the person who, if real, would most likely be the one to remind me, so every time I watch the Torchwood series and see him, I may be reminded as well, and am forced by guilt to shut off the episode and do the course)

Ianto: You did what?

But I definitely think I could've improved a bit with keeping up with the course.

It's been kinda fun, I have to say, however. It's new, and let's face it, we humans like new things. New new new. If it's been there for awhile it's borning. Old. Dull (e.i. all those new cellphones, another one coming out every week. There's so many!) I've never tried a online course before. So It's interesting.

What's worked for me? How nicely it fits into my week. You give us a period of time, usually one week, and we have multiple chances to do whatever the assignment is in that period of time. It's not like it's assigned one day, then three days later it's due. That's be ridiculous.

However, sometimes the online sites don't work, and I grow concerned. But, I wait a day and it's back to normal, aka workable. That's about it for what doesn't work.

(Oh, and not feeding the Pterodactyls. It's a good distraction for them when your trying to run away, throwing a sandwich or two their way. I tend to do that)

Tips for a online course? Well, let's start with a little bullet point...

-Don't procrastinate over it. It'll just make you dread it a bit more, and make you completely push it out of your mind to avoid panic- until the last minute. Then that feeling comes back.

-Don't do other things at the same time your doing the assignments, for gods sake! Multitask, and there's a greater chance of you getting something wrong, or completely missing something.

-Wear a bunny wearing a big handlebar mustache on your head every time you log in.

-Feel free to ignore the tip above this one.

He's a cute one, isn't he?

Now, I'm off to watch them-

-Rose Tyler, The Ninth Doctor, and Captain Jack Harkness, who will hopefully save the world from a poor, alien influenced child, in the London blitz.

...yes, I watch British sci fi as well.


(Completely useless video that is only at the end of post to add a special effect and to give Allons-y a one minute and thirty three second spotlight)

Time Managment

This is for my Enrichment Science online course.

Now, online courses require a lot of timeliness and responsibility, I've learned. I mean, we're not all Doctor Who....

And we don't all have a TARDIS......

So we can't travel back in time to do our homework if we forget.

What has helped me over the last month, you ask? Well, I used those Sticky Note things on my computer to put reminders on my desktop. Of course, they always gave me a heart attack when I saw them because I forgot they were there, but that's a story for another time.

I'm also pretty good at remembering things I need to do, but dear Lord, I procrastinate like nobodies business. That's what HASN'T worked for me. It's my own fault, I know. I personally think this course is rather well orientated for people with cramped schedules. You have a week to do the homework, and if you don't do it, it's not the fault of the course. It's your own.

I have some tips for others in the course. Granted, they're probably not very good tips, but they're tips nonetheless.

And sooo........

1) Put a reminder somewhere you would see it often, like I did with my computer.

2) Try to work on the homework the same time each week.

3) Don't get distracted while you try to do the homework. Don't get up to eat or drink unless it's dinner and you're required to, or if you're, you know, dying of thirst or hunger. Dying isn't good. But if it's just a "I'm a little hungry/thirsty, so I'll go get some food/something to drink to put off this homework" case, DON'T GIVE IN! BE STRONG! Don't do things on the web that aren't school related, either.

4) Don't go on Facebook. I don't have one, but the rest of my family does, and from what I can tell, it's a real time-sucker. Same goes for email, for those like me who still use it.

5) Don't put off your work until the last moment. This is something I have to work on as well.

6) If there happens to be a horse following you everywhere and you think you're on a spaceship that's linked across time to pre-revolutionary France, call the insane asylum immediately.

And if they turn you down, call Torchwood.

Yes, I love British TV shows. And yes, I am probably insane.

But ignoring my last little bullet, the other five could be useful, depending on who you are. And now I've run out of things to say. There are no more questions I'm required to answer. But I don't want to end this post here. I need to think of a clever ending. I don't have a clever ending, though. But I don't want to leave with a dull ending. That'd be....well, dull.

I don't like things to be dull. I like things to be exciting.

So here's a cat called a ragamuffin cat.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eye Doctor

I'm going to the doctor soon. And no, it's not David Tennant (sadness). It's the eye doctor. I'm scared. I've never been to one. Does it hurt? What do they do? Will they steal my brain? Will they eat my arm? WHAT!?

I'm going because I've been getting a lot of eye strain lately and far away things seem fuzzy. Probably why I've been so crabby.

My cat is in front of my screen. Move, cat.

*moves cat*

Now, I'm going to make myself something to eat.

*rides away on the Cat Bus*

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Raining Men!



Still a bit delirious over here. But I'll be in school Wednesday. 

This video makes me HAPPY! Its makes me SMIIIILEEEEE!!!


Sunday, October 23, 2011


Mar: I need a big handlebar mustache.

Thalia: Thalia has something to say!


Thalia: We're all here together, one big happy family. With sonic screwdrivers.


Thalia: I wasn't dissing the sonic! I love the sonic~

Mar: I never was......maybe.

Mir: *runs off somewhere*

Mar: ...I'm not typing that.

Thalia: Type it!


Mar...I am forever scarred.

Thalia: Here is the day that Thalia gets intergalactic intelligence. *sonics head*. This is the thing Mar would type :D


*Mar is whacked over the head with a chair my Mir*