Friday, October 28, 2011

The Time Management of Mar

I've followed Thalia's lead and have taken this advantage to use our wonderful blog, instead of a glog.

(The following is for the Enrichment Science online course I'm taking as well)

The past month has been comprised of lots of reminders written on hands, frantic booting up of computers, and always having the date somewhere nearby. Quite frankly, I'm proud of myself for not slacking in this and completely forgetting about it.

(And I may have associated Ianto Jones as the person who, if real, would most likely be the one to remind me, so every time I watch the Torchwood series and see him, I may be reminded as well, and am forced by guilt to shut off the episode and do the course)

Ianto: You did what?

But I definitely think I could've improved a bit with keeping up with the course.

It's been kinda fun, I have to say, however. It's new, and let's face it, we humans like new things. New new new. If it's been there for awhile it's borning. Old. Dull (e.i. all those new cellphones, another one coming out every week. There's so many!) I've never tried a online course before. So It's interesting.

What's worked for me? How nicely it fits into my week. You give us a period of time, usually one week, and we have multiple chances to do whatever the assignment is in that period of time. It's not like it's assigned one day, then three days later it's due. That's be ridiculous.

However, sometimes the online sites don't work, and I grow concerned. But, I wait a day and it's back to normal, aka workable. That's about it for what doesn't work.

(Oh, and not feeding the Pterodactyls. It's a good distraction for them when your trying to run away, throwing a sandwich or two their way. I tend to do that)

Tips for a online course? Well, let's start with a little bullet point...

-Don't procrastinate over it. It'll just make you dread it a bit more, and make you completely push it out of your mind to avoid panic- until the last minute. Then that feeling comes back.

-Don't do other things at the same time your doing the assignments, for gods sake! Multitask, and there's a greater chance of you getting something wrong, or completely missing something.

-Wear a bunny wearing a big handlebar mustache on your head every time you log in.

-Feel free to ignore the tip above this one.

He's a cute one, isn't he?

Now, I'm off to watch them-

-Rose Tyler, The Ninth Doctor, and Captain Jack Harkness, who will hopefully save the world from a poor, alien influenced child, in the London blitz.

...yes, I watch British sci fi as well.


(Completely useless video that is only at the end of post to add a special effect and to give Allons-y a one minute and thirty three second spotlight)


  1. Yay, I'm an example-setter!

    Love the pictures and the video, Mar. Ianto is amazing as well. He's useful~!

    *points randomly at some point in space*


  2. Yep!

    Ianto rocks. Go tea-boy! (He even appears on Doctor Who at one point. You need to have a certain level of awesome-ness to do that)

    And can you guess where the sign is from? Careful, you need to guess by 5:02 in the afternoon. Always 5:02...