Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eye Doctor

I'm going to the doctor soon. And no, it's not David Tennant (sadness). It's the eye doctor. I'm scared. I've never been to one. Does it hurt? What do they do? Will they steal my brain? Will they eat my arm? WHAT!?

I'm going because I've been getting a lot of eye strain lately and far away things seem fuzzy. Probably why I've been so crabby.

My cat is in front of my screen. Move, cat.

*moves cat*

Now, I'm going to make myself something to eat.

*rides away on the Cat Bus*


  1. The eye doctor isn't very bad, they just give you these eye drops that make your pupils get bigger. Than they out you in front of a machine that flicks back in forth between lenses, so they can figure out what kind of glasses you'll need. Looking at bright light will hurt your eyes for a while, but it's nothing eventful, don't fret over it! :D

  2. *hugs Thalia* It won't hurt my dear friend. It's as Mir has said. They know many people are sensitive with thier eyes and being a buisness they will want to treat thier patients right so they can have repeat business. You wil be fine my friend. *hugs*
    They will make things better for you.

  3. *hugs Kal*

    Thanks, Kal! I hope it goes well.

    *crosses fingers*