Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Is Math Homework So Boring?

Totally valid question. It's not hard or anything, but God, it's boring. I have even surpassed the "I'm-so-bored-I-think-I'm-hungry" phase. I have reached the phase where I'm working like a machine to get it done, not thinking about it, not even really seeing my paper, just my brain going on total calculator mode and cranking out answers. I've only really come out of this daze to change the song on my iPod, pretend my bendy ruler is a shark, type this post, and to briefly consider punching myself in the face just to do something else.

I didn't do it, if you're wondering. I cracked my knuckles instead. It's still a possibility, though.

Did you know? I typed this whole thing on an iPad. And I hate typing on iPads. So you know that I must be pretty committed to finding something else to do to type on here. But I've gotten pretty good at this, if I do say so myself.

I finished Death Bringer. It was so brilliant.

Sigh. OK, OK, I'll stop rambling and get to work.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I haven't been on much lately. Sorry about that. But homework, plus an older brother who has homework, and only one laptop between us leads to....complications.

But I think I'll be on this weekend. I think.

And I have been writing, so you all know. I've taken to using Google Docs for certain things. While it's really not that good in terms of formatting, and it's hard to re-format the stuff I've written when I put it on Microsoft Word....I can work on the stuff on there anywhere.

So, just a quick update. Now, back to work.

*grabs a shovel and goes searching in a pile of homework for her math notes*

Oh, and Mar has lent me her copy of Death Bringer. It's. BRILLIANT.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I swear to god...

The School is being taken over by wolf spiders.

There was first a HUGE one in the Gym, which I nearly had a nervous breakdown when I saw it...and it started crawling towards me.  Thank god the freaky new gym teacher freakin' MOCKED us girls who were nearing hysterics (I already WAS, thank you very much,) and then stepped on it (sarcasm, ehem) It made a smear on the ground with its guts.

Then, today, there was a spider in the ORCHESTRA CLASSROOM!

I saw one guy say to another girl (who has a pastel pink violin, may I add) that he'd do it, and took a tissue from her. He then noted that he could have usually been scared.

So not even a seat away from me, (diagonal, however,) he bends down next to the pink violin's case, tissue in hand. I'm looking his way to find out what the heck's he doing...

but then I saw the biggest spider.

Leaping back in my chair, I pressed my hand to my mouth, or else I would've probably screamed, or shrieked, and squeaked, or whatever. I'm hyperventilating, and am this close to having a mental and nervous breakdown.


But, the guy squished the nasty thing, and I gradually calmed down.

I swear to god, if there's another spider in this school, I'm gonna smash some stuff...

...but not spiders. Creepy, man. They're so creepy...terrifyingly creepy.

I think it's safe to say I have a slight case of arachnophobia.

*reads what exactly people who have arachnophobia feel*

...scratch that, I have arachnophobia.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Doctor Runs Cross Country


I'm just dropping by to say sorry I haven't really been on that much this week, I'm a bit swamped with Math and Cross Country (I had my first meet today. It was fun, I guess. Some kid on the bus made a prank call, and it all looked as if we were choking, trying not to laugh our heads off in the background), and reading Death Bringer. CC went well. I got 29th place out of 30 girls, and I had about 25 minutes and 50 seconds, if I do remember correctly. Its my new personal best. But thats not really saying much, because It was my first meet so...

Math's really tricky for me, cuz I've always been horrible at it, but this year I'm getting better. (I think. I may just be putting in all the wrong answers and thinking its right).

BUT- I'm gonna be on in the weekends. But there is that party on saturday night, an I have stupid sunday school where I don't learn nothin, and then theres also that I need to get new glasses, and some teacher hinted that they were giving hs homework on the weekend...

Oh, and I've changed my mind about Halloween. I'm being the Doctor instead. (But I'm being the tenth doctor, because a girl on my bus reserved the rights to be the one who dressed up at 11 on our street. She's even looking for a fez. But I can find red high top converse. SERIOUSLY?! WHERE CAN YOU FIND SOME?!?)

Tell everyone this, so they won't be missing me, or think I deserted you weird bloggers or something like that.

Monday, September 12, 2011


It's raining. But this isn't surprising. What's surprising it that there's blue sky visible out my window. It's just the cloud over my house that's raining. It's huge and slowly expanding, sure, but it's going VERY slowly. And this is a perfectly example of how life can go sometimes and just LAUGH IN YOUR FACE.


EDIT: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?!?!?!?!?!??! For, like, one minute the rain was coming down really hard, there was hail, and you could hear the wind howling! The trees were (still are, actually) blowing back and forth. It keeps starting up like that over and over! AND I CAN STILL SEE BLUE SKY. It can't be a hurricane! We don't live near the coast, and hurricanes can't form on lakes, can they? Oh, and there goes the thunder. La de da. This is horrifying.

EDIT 2: So it's sort of clearing up right now? Anyway. Our trash cans were put out because it's trash collecting day, and one of them got blown out into the street. I couldn't just LEAVE it there, so I put on some shoes and my coat, and ran out there to fix it. It took me about 30 seconds.

And I got soaked.

My hair that was sticking out of my hood? Soaked. My jeans? Soaked. My coat and shoes? Soaked.

My shoes are stuffed with paper now and by a heating vent. My coat and pants are hanging up and I have new jeans on. It was crazy.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Night Of The Living Gillbirds

Look! A Flying Gilbird!

Heh. Well, anyway, I have a plan for Halloween this year.

It includes Frying pans.

I just knew you shivered in terror just then.

I will be Repunzel from Tangled, with a poofy purple dress and a steel fryingpan. HA HAH!

I'm going to hunt down a little critter friend though.  Maybe a gilbird. Maybe...

Of course, I'll have to dye my hair brown, unless I want to be the Repunzel at the end of the movie. Then maybe the dress'll be shorter, and I'll be wearing boots. Because there is no way I'm trick or treating (AKA Candy Hunting) in purple slippers.

I think I'll dye my hair blond, and get a few blond extensions. Never tried extensions. It'll be interesting.

I remember one year I said I was going to be a squirrel for halloween...then I said I was a roadkill squirrel...

...don't ask. I was delirious with getting hit in the face with a kickball.

Anyway, I need to pack my backpack and dream weird dreams of flying rainbow Dragons stealing the TARDIS in China of 5007, and David and Matt running from remnents, crashing through walls and pulling me and Thalia away from our Ramen.


Good times, good times...

Remembering 9/11

OK, I was really little when 9/11 happened. So little that I don't even remember it. And nobody talked about it to me. I think my parents didn't want to scare me because I was so young. And at the school I went to back then, the teachers didn't really talk about anything that happened in the real world :/ The result was that I was really ignorant about 9/11 - and a lot of other things that happened in the world too - until I switched schools.

Today, even though I don't remember it, I understand the horror of that day. So many people lost their lives. The other day I looked up video clips of what happened, and I just burst into tears, it was so awful.

Today is the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Everyone, please remember the fallen. God bless those who lost their lives and loved ones on that day.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Weeping Angel

My grandma had a Weeping Angel in her garden. The entire family reunion, I was terrified.