Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

OK, I was really little when 9/11 happened. So little that I don't even remember it. And nobody talked about it to me. I think my parents didn't want to scare me because I was so young. And at the school I went to back then, the teachers didn't really talk about anything that happened in the real world :/ The result was that I was really ignorant about 9/11 - and a lot of other things that happened in the world too - until I switched schools.

Today, even though I don't remember it, I understand the horror of that day. So many people lost their lives. The other day I looked up video clips of what happened, and I just burst into tears, it was so awful.

Today is the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Everyone, please remember the fallen. God bless those who lost their lives and loved ones on that day.


  1. *hugs Thalia*
    To remeber what happened to those people is the least I can do. I was pretty young when it happened too. Bu tI remember being at my aunts house and she was sobbing and praying. SHe was angry and horrified. It was a day of touture for teh innocent who mreerly wanted to go and live thier lives in peace and provide for thier loved oned.
    To know that they had to suffer such anguish before dying with no hope of rescue is hard to handle.
    I have heard t erecorded last messeges of some of these people on t heplanes as they knew what thier fate was. HAving just heard what happened to the other planes and then knowing thier own plane was highjacked. *sobs* HAving to call thier loved ones up and say goodbye.
    I will never foget teh ppeople in so much pain, fear, and confution, jumping from the towers to escape, only to die still a horrible early death.
    I will never forget the heros we had in our firefighters and police men and the noble acts they did, some of thier own lives lost in doing so.
    I will never forget the stunned grieve and fear of the brave New Yorkers as they fled thier city, not sure if they too would survive.
    America lost so much that day. But never her heart or bravery. I will always prey that some thin g like that never happens again, her in America or anywhere else.
    I pray too that the terrorist know t helove of God so that th eevil in thier hearts will be gone an d no more will thier people be subject to thier heavy, evil oppression and terror.

    *hugs Thalia again*
    Thank you so much for writing this. I tried to write but got to emotional each time.
    GOD BLESS the U.K
    GOD BLESS ALL MY FAMILY and FRIENDS, the ones who I love!!!

  2. Sorry for typos. *sighs*
    I really should be more careful. :P

  3. *hugs Kallista*

    Thank you my dear for your beautiful comment. I do not care about the typos, thank you for taking time to write something so sweet.