Thursday, September 15, 2011

I swear to god...

The School is being taken over by wolf spiders.

There was first a HUGE one in the Gym, which I nearly had a nervous breakdown when I saw it...and it started crawling towards me.  Thank god the freaky new gym teacher freakin' MOCKED us girls who were nearing hysterics (I already WAS, thank you very much,) and then stepped on it (sarcasm, ehem) It made a smear on the ground with its guts.

Then, today, there was a spider in the ORCHESTRA CLASSROOM!

I saw one guy say to another girl (who has a pastel pink violin, may I add) that he'd do it, and took a tissue from her. He then noted that he could have usually been scared.

So not even a seat away from me, (diagonal, however,) he bends down next to the pink violin's case, tissue in hand. I'm looking his way to find out what the heck's he doing...

but then I saw the biggest spider.

Leaping back in my chair, I pressed my hand to my mouth, or else I would've probably screamed, or shrieked, and squeaked, or whatever. I'm hyperventilating, and am this close to having a mental and nervous breakdown.


But, the guy squished the nasty thing, and I gradually calmed down.

I swear to god, if there's another spider in this school, I'm gonna smash some stuff...

...but not spiders. Creepy, man. They're so creepy...terrifyingly creepy.

I think it's safe to say I have a slight case of arachnophobia.

*reads what exactly people who have arachnophobia feel*

...scratch that, I have arachnophobia.


  1. I know how you feel, spiders freak me out a bit to. Tarantulas are the worst though, if they're big enough, you can count all of their eight eyes... Bleh. I do however, like wolf spiders, they eat Misquitos. I wouldn't mind the tiny buzzing menaces so much if the little lumps they leave behind didn't itch like they do...
    *scratches bug bite on lower leg* Gah! Stupid bugs... Hope the one who bit me ended up inside a frog!

  2. Uuurrrggghhh, I hate spiders. So gross....all those eyes and legs....