Sunday, September 11, 2011

Night Of The Living Gillbirds

Look! A Flying Gilbird!

Heh. Well, anyway, I have a plan for Halloween this year.

It includes Frying pans.

I just knew you shivered in terror just then.

I will be Repunzel from Tangled, with a poofy purple dress and a steel fryingpan. HA HAH!

I'm going to hunt down a little critter friend though.  Maybe a gilbird. Maybe...

Of course, I'll have to dye my hair brown, unless I want to be the Repunzel at the end of the movie. Then maybe the dress'll be shorter, and I'll be wearing boots. Because there is no way I'm trick or treating (AKA Candy Hunting) in purple slippers.

I think I'll dye my hair blond, and get a few blond extensions. Never tried extensions. It'll be interesting.

I remember one year I said I was going to be a squirrel for halloween...then I said I was a roadkill squirrel...

...don't ask. I was delirious with getting hit in the face with a kickball.

Anyway, I need to pack my backpack and dream weird dreams of flying rainbow Dragons stealing the TARDIS in China of 5007, and David and Matt running from remnents, crashing through walls and pulling me and Thalia away from our Ramen.


Good times, good times...


  1. LOL Sounds PERFECT Mar my friend! :D
    I am not sure if I will dress up or not. Not really going trick or treating thsi year. :P
    Maybe I'll hide in the bushes and scare the older kids!

    *gives tons more hugs cause she has not seen her in forever and a day*
    Hope school is going awesome for you!

    I f you have the chance I hope you will read the second part of my Purple Roses story!

  2. LOL Mar! It's a costume that certainly fits you!

    I've decided, I'll be Sherlock Holmes. And with Mir being Belarus, we shall take over the world!


    Ehem. Anyway.

    Respond to our weird DW email story thingy! I think we left off on Pluto. Not sure.

    Anywho. Halloween this year should be fun!