Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just Wondering...

I was just thinking..., does anyone else see a certain letter or number and think of a certain color? Maybe it's just me, but I always think of three as orange, or eight as purple, or nine as hot pink. Please tell me I'm not crazy, and that this is normal. (But than again, I'm not what most people would call normal.) Also, is anyone really craving poptarts right now?


  1. Actually, Mir, I think you may have synesthesia.

    I'm not sure, but that's what it sounds like.

    Craving poptarts, eh? I'm not. I'm actually not hungry at all....

  2. That is synesthesia. I used to think I was just weird, but I've since met a lot of people who have it.

    Your numbers are a lot brighter than mine. :-D

  3. So I have Syna-
    Erm, however you say it...
    Sounds cool, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has it, and that I'm not TOTALLY insane. :D

  4. *nods*

    I'm pretty sure I have mild number form synesthesia. I don't see of think of colors for letters or numbers, but I see some sort of number map in my head when doing math and numbers like 4 are "closer" than numbers like 10.

  5. I know someone who sees colors for people - she said I was a light foresty green. She thinks people who see auras really have the same type of synesthesia. I get flavors for colors, sometimes. Ev gets some weirdness but I don't remember what... there's all kinds of things.

    Mir, I don't think it follows that you're not totally insane. Totally insane people can have synesthesia.... :-D

  6. 4 is orange for me. Nine is green. One is white. Two is red. Three is green, again. Five is blue. Six is yellow. Seven is blue, again. Eight is a crisp yellow.


    Oh! 99 is all murky...with darks and stuff...

  7. Mar has synesthesia too (probably)! Woot!

    I feel all lonely in my corner because my synesthesia doesn't do that for me xD Darn number-form.

  8. *gives Ann a crooked smile and laughs a bit*

    Heh, heh, I guess your right about the "Not fully sane part" It's more fun that way~

    For me, zero is sky blue, one is white, two is a bright green, three is orange, four is turquoise, five is crimson, six is golden, seven is brick red, eight is purple, and nine is hot pink. :D

  9. *sits on Mir, muttering about how 1692 is much father than 2005*

  10. Listing all these numbers. Number maps. Heh....they look funny.

  11. 0 transparent
    1 white (odd how common that is!)
    2 green
    3 light pink
    4 kinda burnt orangey
    5 bluish, bit dark, little transparent
    6 red, sorta
    7 dark blue
    8 yellow
    9 dark red

    Mir, I didn't mean you necessarily are totally insane, either. For my own safety, I'm going to refrain from speculating on that matter.