Friday, July 8, 2011

You know...

...I was thinking, that what will blogland be like in five years? Or ten years from now? What will all of your lives be like?

Maybe we will have met each other in person. Or, maybe we've had all walked away from this strange little place tucked away in the webernet, and the blogs are just a small memory.

What about in twenty years? Will one day, maybe so many miles from where you first discovered blogland, you'll come back, and scroll through all the comments, posts, stories and pictures, and post another comment, one more, a feeble attempt to see if anyone was still there.


And maybe someone will see that later, may it be a few hours, or a few months.

But what if you forget all about blogland, until many, many years later, when you are older then you thought you would have lived, and smile as you remember everything that you did.

But if you DO remember, be sure to remember me. Because I rock. And the soundtrack I'm listening to just switches from a sad song to a action song. Ah, modern literature.


  1. I hope Blogland will still be here in 5 years. I'm always going to remember it. I've met so many nice people here.

    Actually, Mar, I think about this a lot. Good post.

    (I'll remember you, of course :P I know you in real life.)

  2. I think about this too. No matter what happend, this place and teh peopl eI have met here have made a HUGE impact on my life. I will always look back with a smile. I will always hope that the best in life is happening to my friends and if for some reason he worst in life happens, that they pull through with flying colors, carried on by the love I will still have for them.
    Mar. You DO rock. And so does our Miss Thalia and all the awesomesause people here.

    oh, just one more thing.

    In twenty years.....



  3. Yes you will Kallista~ XD

    I always think about the future, but than my brain overloads and I have to go and eat something to recharge myself. But I don't usually look to the future, right now I'm just a kid, and I'd rather live in the now than in the ever looming future. For now I'll enjoy in my life, and not think about the time when Blogland will be something of the past.

    Ow, ow, ow... headache. I really hate time travel. *goes off to eat fudgesicle*