Saturday, July 16, 2011

When boredom strikes, turn to Google

I have utterly NOTHING to do today. I've already checked the blog, my email, and brainlessly watched videos on Youtube. So I turned to the all-knowing God Google for help. I randomly got the urge to search "Thalia Jane Circe", than every other person I knew. So here you have it, every single follower of this blogs Google result numbers. (even though some of the results have nothing to do with our blogger names)

Thalia- About 399,000 results
(0.18 seconds) 

March- About 21,500,000 results
(0.18 seconds) 

Everisse- About 294 results
(0.30 seconds) 

Pyrofilea- 6 results
(0.21 seconds) 

Ann- About 16,600,000 results
(0.16 seconds) 

Octaboona- About 914 results
(0.39 seconds) 

Nymph- About 5,240,000 results
(0.17 seconds) 

Kallista- About 210,000 results
(0.83 seconds) 

Ayesha- About 19,300,000 results
  (0.19 seconds) 

Mirtil- About 3,280 results
(0.11 seconds)


  1. *squeals*

    I got the most results!

  2. ... I had the second least amount of results.

    But you googled me! Yay!