Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Post Of Life~

This blog looked like it needed a post. And I needed to get my thoughts straight. So, you'll now have the opportunity to see what my plans for later in life are.

College: For the first year, I'll either go to Wake Forest University down south, or directly to England for college. Of course, I could always go to Wake Forest for year one, then use their...what's it called, exchange...thing? The name slips my mind. Anyway, they have a house in England, where I can go to study for a year. My grandpa wants me to go to college in Edinburgh. Maaaaybe. I want to be close to London, and at the least a bus ride away. The most, IN London. Oh yeah, and Lydia wants to come with me.

Studies: I want to be an author. Ha, big surprise. :3 I plan to publish my first book in the next few years or so, but with the first book you never really know, until...well, it's published. I'll continue doing that, but I may want to get a Doctor's degree in English, or maybe Physics. I do love Physics. It's complicated. Well, anywhat (I'm making it my goal to say that more often. There's anyway, and some people say anywho, but I feel anywhat should be a word), after college...

After College: I'll save up my money, then share a flat with Thalia, Mir, and if she wants to Lydia, in, like, the central of London., this's just a little...recent fantasy of mine, but...I want a penthouse. X3 They're just so cool. We can trade the flat for the penthouse when we're all successful. What do you say, guys? We'd have to be really good with money, buuut...I want by penthouse. Most definitely. I don't wanna live in, like, New York or Los Angeles or any big bling bling city like that. Just doesn't excite me. I wanna live in a city like London or Seattle or...does Cleveland have penthouses? Meh. It's like a smart thing. There are smart people in those cities. Not that there aren't smart people in the cities mentioned earlier, it's just...I dunno. I wanna be different.

Career: Author. And I wanna gave my own big library. Maybe, it some time comes, or something happens, I want to be a movie editor. I'd have SO MUCH FUN.

Pets: Yes, pets. Guys, Twinkie's coming with me to college. Thalia, if you save up, you can have you P.W....if he's hypoallergenic. Cuz that's why we got Twinkie. I can direct you to a wonderful breeder...! You can get a mini P.W.!

All you people have cats. It's weird...but I like it, because when I go over to your houses I can pet a cat and see the joys of having one...without having one and sneezing like a nut case. I'm sorry, first I was talking about life now I'm talking about cats. Where was I?

Teachers at school recently gave us a writing prompt about if we would go to school for money, or quit school and work. I heavily confused me, so I plan to burn the paper come summer, because I already have a plan. When the teachers were talking about, like, our main goal being school or whatever now, I'm the odd one out and like "Err, I'm just getting through it all so I can go to college in Europe."
Even at sunday school, the nice sub (the first all year. He was really niiiice) started talking to us about life, and how we should always be good and make sure to go to confession lest we walks across the street and get run over my a beer truck ("Well that's be ironic") (Don't ask). Then, he asked us if we had plans in life. I shared mine, and everyone looked at me and said "EUROPE?" and I grinned and nodded.

(Fun Fact, one kid who was texting under the desk shared that he wanted to live in his parents' basement, and work at Micky D's (Yes, I plan to call it that now. It's...not like the name confuses me when I spell it...naw...). If That makes him happy...)

I dunno. The future can be confusing. And it'll be embarrassing if I post this, and next month the world ends due to that comment they've been talking about.

(Another Fun Fact, apparently the human race is supposed to be annihilated by 2016 from a rare disease!)

Oh, those silly Mayans and their prophecies.

Now, I want to know. What are YOUR plans? :D


  1. I love that plan :) Great life there, Mar.

    And yeah, I'm pretty sure that it's been agreed that you, Mir, possibly Lyd, and I are all gonna live together in a flat/penthouse in London. It'd be fun to be around each other everyday. And even when/if we get married (because some people don't and some do and all of it is fine), we'll probably all still be pretty close together.

    My plans? Uhh....

    College: Probably Berkeley in CA, Kent here in our state, or somewhere in Europe. The problem is that by the time I get out of high school, I'll have probably completed my first two years of math in college and I'll need to go to a school that'll take those credits, at least until I finish math completely. I don't know if just any school will. But I want to be around my friends, obviously, which makes it complicated. So I don't know.

    Studies: English and science. I want to be an author, or maybe even a literary agent. I want to major in English and minor (is that it?) in science, preferably forensics or physics.

    After college: Basically what you said. Or if that doesn't work, we can always fall onto our backup plan of being hermits in Canada xD Remember that?

    Career: Author or literary agent.

    Pets: I want Professor Walnut and a cat or two. And any pets the rest of you have are cool with me.

    Oh, the future is so vast! Things might change, but this is what I'm thinking right now.

    And hey, if the world ends, then at least we'll all be dead, so you won't have to be embarrassed.

  2. Ooooh! Detective Thalia! I like it. You should minor in forensics. You're really good at it~

    I don't really have plans for marriage so far. Some girls are like OOH HE'S GONNA BE REALLY HOT AND CUUUTE AND WE'LL HAVE 3 KIDS NAMED THING ONE THING TWO AND THING THREE but...meh. If the opportunity comes. And if he's willing to live in a penthouse. XP

    OOooh San Francisco! I'd visit. But I'd walk everywhere because all the hilly roads there freak me out...

    There's...Oxford! You can get an awesome accent... :D

    You can be my literary agent. Then I'll be yours. Just like last year!

    OMG THE CANADIAN HERMIT THING! Wait. But When I'm, like, drowning or falling or bleeding to my death or whatever, then...mark my words my face will be beet red. And the random Doctor will be like "SHE'S CHOKING ON AAAAAIR!"


  3. Yeah. Marriage all depends. I don't really care right now.

    I'll do forensics and you do physics and we shall teach each other!

    I'd probably walk everywhere in San Francisco too :P I'm just gonna be a terrible driver, I know it. And peh, Oxford doesn't want me. They'll be too scared of my insanity.

    Oh yes. We'll be fantastic literary agent authors. LOOK OUT WORLD! WE, THE CANADIAN HERMITS, ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER!

  4. can we take over the world then if we're hermits in Canada?


    *flash forwards to the future where she is a bum and lurking outside the penthouses and bookstores of Mar,Mir,Thalia, and Lydia, and Ven and Niall, and Octa, Red and Pyro*
    Yes. I think I will be a professional bum who lurks and eyes you all crazily from afar. I might dash up every now and then to noogie you all and dash madly away again.

  6. I'll join you, Kal! :D Sounds like a fun future!

  7. Strangely, that sounds like fun too! XD
    I can terrorize small children with rakes! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. YAY !!! *noogies Mar and Thalia then makes sure the only rakes Mar has access too are the small soft rubbery kind* LOL
    You still have to have the penthouse Mar! It's required now! XD

  9. It's required? Aw. I better start saving up. X3

  10. Aww, your BRILLIANT Mar! By the time you are in your twenties, knowing you, you will have had at least a dozen bestsellers published with half of them being turned into movies!

  11. Awww, you make me blush~ ;D
    And you will probably have found a dozen stores to lurk around!

  12. By the time I'm in my twenties, I will....have found the best restaurant in all of the U.S! :D

    Oh, if only.