Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welp, I'm Just Going to Ramble Here, Don't Mind Me....

I still hate this new post-maker thing. It's too...fancy.

Also, I don't think I can revert to the old Gmail look anymore. I was doing that for a long time. I can't tell what any of the picture-buttons are supposed to mean now. Like, I was trying to move some iTunes spam into a folder, and I accidentally archived it. GMAIL, WHY YOU SO CONFUSING? Or maybe this is just me being unable to do anything. Wouldn't be a surprise, to be honest xD

Standardized testing this week at school. Blargh. We had one today, and then there's one on Thursday. It's so BORING. And then all our classes are 16 minutes long, which is not useful.

You see, this is what I do to put off my homework. I type blog posts and watch Charlieissocoollike and Vlogbrothers on Youtube. ANNNDDDDDD....I just dropped my many multicolored math packets all over the floor. Honestly, how have I not gotten hit by a car while walking to track practice yet? I need to pay more attention.

Speaking of attention, this next thing has nothing to do with attention. It has to do with me writing a story about tanks and zombies and the apocalypse and cage-fighting nuns. Yes. you read that right. Go reread it in case you think you didn't. But you did. I KNOW YOU DID.

Anyway this story, if I ever finish it, will be like a prequel to that story I posted back in December about the aftermath of Dooms Day. I have part of a middle part. Beginnings are hard. BUT I WILL PREVAIL.

God, I'm really sorry I haven't written more stories and poems and stuff. It's just all been...blah.  Someday I will be a better blogger and better writer, I promise. And someday....someday I will catch up on SciShow videos, and watch all the science CrashCourse instead of just the world history. I think I will do that in study hall now.

Okay, I'm gonna go waste time on Pottermore (by attempting to brew the Herbicide right and not blow up my cauldron), finish my homework, and probably doodle.



  1. Wooooow. Major ramble. You just went on a rambling there, Thal.

  2. Yes. Yes I did. And I could have gone on. I could have just gone on FOREVER.