Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Kallista!

Happy birthday my dear Kallista! You're an amazing, wonderful, fantastic person. I know this isn't much, but I wanted you to know how much your friendship means to me.

Here's a drawing of a pony with a very fluffy pygmy monkey wearing a hat on the pony's head for you!

I wrote a story based off this for you as well!

Riding a Shetland pony was exciting, Kallista decided.

The thing was tiny – it barley came up to her waist.  But it was strong, and as soft as a cotton blanket.  The best part was the there was a tiny pygmy marmoset riding on the pony’s head.  It was even wearing a little hat!

“Sooo cuuute!”  Kallista grabbed the little monkey and cuddled it close to her face, dropping the reins of her pony.  The monkey made a funny chattering noise, waving its little arms in the air, and the pony made a noise that sounded suspiciously like “Wee-snaw.”

Kallista just laughed and cuddled the animals even more.

Her beloved Purple Poet, Octaboona Ambrosius, had arranged for her to take a ride on the Shetland today.  It was a great birthday gift.  For hours, Kallista had been riding her pony in huge circles around the field, laughing and pretending she was a pirate.  The small children gave her weird looks, but she just grinned and waved crazily before riding over to give them noogies.

Of course, it had been hard to get into the ring at all.  It was rather hard to find on her bike, and it had taken her half the day to get there.  Then there was the matter of sneaking past the police man out front.  Earlier that week, Kallista had stolen his doughnut and hijacked his police car.  It had resulted in him chasing her on her bike, shouting angrily.

But now she was here, and Kallista was very happy.  She took up the reins again and tried to turn her pony around in a little circle.  But the pony wasn’t having it.  In fact, it looked over its shoulder at Kallista and simply said “Ney” before turning towards the barn.

“Whoa!  Where are you going, pony?” Kallista asked in confusion, tugging on the reins.  The pony said “Ney” once more.  It continued toward the barn.

“Abandon ship!” Kallista screamed crazily.  She tried to get out of the saddle, but her foot got caught and she fell over awkwardly.  The monkey chattered in annoyance and poked her.  The pony dragged Kallista by her foot into the barn.  The doors of the barn slammed closed behind her, plunging Kallista into darkness.  The pony unhooked itself and trotted off.

“Hello everyone!” Kallista called cheerfully into the blackness.

Someone swore.  “Who let her know?”

“Not me!”

“Hey, stop hitting me!  I didn’t do it.”


Kallista stoop up and titled her head, wondering who was actually there.  “Are we having a 

“Oh, screw this, where are the lights?”

“I’ll get them!”

“Oh God no, don’t touch tha-!”

The room exploded with bright lights.  Kallista screamed and pulled her banana gun out of her pocket, waving it around like a lunatic.  The shocked faces of her friends stood out in the flashing sparkles.  Fireworks streamed everywhere, popping loudly and smacking into people’s faces.  

When the last death rocket finally flew out a window, there was a soft click and the lights came 

“I found the lights!” Mar said cheerfully.

Mir roared angrily.  “I’m gonna eat you!”

Mar ran for the hay stack as fast as she could, Mir hot on her heels.

“Is this a government conspiracy?” Kallista asked suspiciously, ignoring the insanity of her friends.

Octa smiled and walked over to hug her.  “Nope, it’s a birthday celebration!”

As soon as he said it, about ten people propelled down from the rafters on ropes, each bearing a cake.

“Happy birthday, Kallie!” Skyril, Lizzy, and Lenka chorused.

The called echoed around the room.

“Happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday!”


“Happy – Fred, stop eating the decorations – birthday!”

Kallista grinned, and ran around to give everyone noogies and hugs.  The Shetland pony she had been riding before came over and nudged Kallista.  She looked down and saw that it was holding a plate with a piece of cake on it for her in its teeth.

Kallista took the plate with a laugh, petting the pony’s head.

“Ney,” went the pony.

The monkey chatted in agreement.


  1. OH MY GOSH! *falls of chair laughing* THIS IS SO EPICA! Thalia! You are so BRILLIANT! Thanks you for teh adorable pic and the epica story! *hugs Thala tightly* I love this so MUCH!!!