Monday, June 6, 2011

Great race day #1 (Mir)

Okay, by now I'm feeling to lazy to really talk about the great race. You know what it is by now, right? It's just a blending of different colors, like someone spilled an entire rack of paint, and the paint took human form and began to scramble themselves into different teams. The result? RAINBOW OF UTTER DEATH AND DESTRUCTION! Or as we know it, The Great Race. Other than the fact that our team had THE CHEESIEST cheer ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET, I had a pretty good time. I got to do both of my events, the 800 meter relay, and the long jump. Thalia said I looked fast, but I'm still going to start training for next year right about now. I hate the fact that people think small people are slow because they aren't as big as other people, but I shall prove that's a lie. LIES! LLIIIIEEEESSSSS! It was also as hot as  the inside of an oven today. Considering that I'm a chibi demon, I'm not supposed to be exposed to direct sunlight for to long., I was nearly baked into a demon pie by the heat today. But, knowing the weather from where I come from, It could be as cold as the fall on Tuesday. But for now, THE LIGHT, IT BBBUUURRRNNSSS!

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