Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tired and Cranky, Ignore Me Please~

Does anyone else find the verification words on some blogs hysterical? I can't think of an example right now, but they're funny to me :P

Sorry, desperately trying to amuse myself.


  1. LOL Yeah. They can be pretty weird at times. :D
    *hugs a very cranky and tired Thalis, unable to ignore a genious friend*

  2. Skyril got "strangl" once. And one of mine was "onbob."

    And I go back to edit this comment, because my verification was "norent" this time.

    And I go back again. "Calishfu."

  3. I too get some very amusing word verifications.

    Such as blumbur or holorig, ansoundi, grade, and ackedra, disred, forieran, vatom...

    Oh and hamot. Conste. Strom. Wednes. Beress.

    Not forgetting conat. Or kebalgi. Or synesie. Or tually.

    There's many many more but I think I'll post this comment now.

  4. LOL Octa! Those are hysterical xD

  5. I once got one that said ololisisn.... O.o